Monday, November 21, 2005

Christmas list

My wife's family has this wonderful, practical and very fun tradition whereby each person emails out everyone else with a Christmas list about what they want to get for Christmas. You send your email out and never hear anything back as the rest of the family is emailing everyone else either bagsing what they will get each person, or bagging their list and choosing something else anyway. It works out well as people don't tend to spend money for the sake of spending money at Christmas time, and you don't tend to get something that you hate and have to be polite about.

The expectation is that the list will be submitted by the end of Nov.

I found this book today and wondered if I am brave enough to add it to my list.... if the benefits of the book itself will outweigh the hassling that will inevitably ensue when my family see it on my list...

Maybe I'll see how I am feeling closer to the time - one doesn't want to appear obsessed.


At 10:29 PM, Anonymous luicylou said...

oh my goodness - i am laughing long and hard!!!! that is the funniest book title ever.


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