Sunday, November 13, 2005

The (not very) humble beginning

Today I received an email from a friend containing this attachment. It made me smile and rekindled, deep within me, a love of the assertive.

Face to face I will usually end up apologising to the owner of the dog that has just bitten my ear off… on my own property upon confronting him from my hospital bed. But in front of my keyboard, or with a pen in my hand and a 45c stamp lying in wait - let the multi-national empires quiver!

Let the corporate giants lie awake, sleepless and restless in fear and guilt from what they have subjected us to.... knowing, fearing the letters that we will write – demanding justice (or maybe just some free stuff). Oh yes, I shall write! Let the small boy with the newly purchased and uncrunchy Twisties have faith! Let the single mum from Taranaki rejoice when none of the matches in the box will light! May the Communications Student sniff the sweet smell of freedom and retribution when their jelly tip has not been double coated in delicious chocolate; the Jelly Tip that they have spent a small proportion of their student loan on!

This blog is about what we pay for, and what we get.

Any day is a good day to be a day of reckoning!

I demand quality (especially if I have paid more than about a dollar).



At 9:48 AM, Anonymous Mike said...

You got the power Blair! Don't let the b*stards take you down! And while you're at it, maybe you can write some letters for me on my behalf - I was never good at doing the complaint thing ;)


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