Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Your Store (yeah right)

The advertisements for Farmers [A New Zealand Department store] on television are full of beautiful slim white families laughing and eating fruit on lilos in the sun. None of the attractive and socially adjusted, politically correct teenagers in the ads are wearing shirts with X-rated or offensive slogans on them...

This is part of a letter that I wrote to Farmers recently:

"To Whom it may concern,

I would very much like to ask a question to the buying manager for farmers trading company, if it is possible please could you forward this letter to them and have them respond.

I was in Farmers this weekend just gone, and was more than a little disappointed to see some of the t-shirts and messages printed on clothing that was for sale. Two examples from the selection were:

"Amateur porn star"
"I am not a gynecologist; but I would like to take a look"
I believe that this is smut. It is unacceptable, insensitive and degrading to women. My personal opinion of this is not the issue here. But I do find it extremely surprising that this sort of material would be for sale in a Farmers store.

My Questions for you are:
1. Do you believe that these sorts of messages are acceptable?
2. Is this the sort of stock in line with the philosophy of the store; the place where a family could shop?

I look forward to a response at your earliest convenience,

Yours sincerely,


and I was only warming up! Just wait for part two of this story where you'll hear Mumbleboy say :"What the?!"


At 9:33 AM, Anonymous tk said...

oooh I too was in Farmers this week and found myself dismayed at the choice of tees available. I was buying for hubby and a large proportion of the tees seemed ot have reference to drinking beer and then falling over, or references to gambling. Neither is something my hubby would like emblazoned across his chest so I came away purchase-less and a little bit sad. What's up with that, Farmers? Looking forward to a response from Farmers in regards to your letter, Mr Assertive. And yay you for starting a blog. I love it!!


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