Friday, December 02, 2005

"the messages on the t-shirts are supposed to be fun"

I received this email in response from the buying manager of Men's Brands at Farmers:

Dear Blair,

Thankyou for your feedback regarding the slogan T-Shirts in our Substation Youth Menswear area. I apologise for not responding to you sooner, but I have been overseas on business and only returned today.

I appreciate that as a regular Farmers customer you are disappointed to see these messages appearing in our stores, and we do take your comments very seriously, and will endeavour to take this feedback into account in the future.

The messages on these T-Shirts are supposed to be fun and are not meant tooffend anyone. We are trying to target a younger male customer, something that we have not done in the past, and this type of Printed Slogan T-Shirt has proven to be very successful. The Prints in question are our top selling items in this youth area, and will be sold out within the next
couple of weeks.

Going forward, we will continue to range these Slogan T-Shirts, however taking yours, and others feedback into consideration, we will be toning back the messages to fit in more with the Farmers image. Bearing in mind though, the success we have had, they will still have a humorous boundary pushing undertone.

If you wish to call me to discuss this further my contact details are below, and I would welcome any further feedback.

Thanks and Regards



Basically, I find this letter to be unacceptable. The slogans have not been toned down. To say that the t-shirts have a 'boundary pushing undertone' is a ridiculous euphemism! I wrote another letter back to Paul highlighting the fact that Marijuana is also a top seller in New Zealand but that doesn't mean that the shops should all be selling it.

He never responded to me...


At 2:29 PM, Anonymous Mike said...

Hmm... "humorous boundary pushing undertone" huh. Can't say I find many boundaries being pushed there, aside from the boundary of what constitutes a 'family' product...

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Fran said...

dude! i think what you are going is so great, but you totally crack me up at the same time!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger Sonicnaan said...

If Farmers™ is stocking these products then you KNOW it's been everywhere else first. The only thing you can guarantee is that things are only going to get worse.

Combat is by subversive tactics. How about a tee shirt range hghlighting the effects of long term drug use:

All text with pic of marijuana leaf:

"I'm on the Musicians Benefit™ "

"Blind and Broke"

"My sperm is retarded"


"The only drug I haven't done is you"

"I talk to the sea and make surfboards"

"SAFE SEX WITH ANYONE : I'm infertile and Blind"



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