Thursday, January 26, 2006

Top of the Pods dot com

Rob and Jon from top of the pods did a show a while back about how to deal with poor customer service. You can download the show as an Mp3 It wasn't the funniest show that they have done, but it was actually quite informative - particularly if you live in the UK. Some useful tips there for the young player - and some that I hadn't thought of!

topofthepods is one pod cast that I make sure that I tune into as often as possible. These guys are really funny and pump out the shows - usually at least 3 a week! It's well worth a listen. The best way to hear them is to subscribe through iTunes. In my humble... the best show that they have done so far was the one of the top ten tips for blokes on the pull - hilarious!


At 11:31 PM, Blogger Sonicnaan said...

Blair, I think you shouls start a blog for you own "Pulling advice" being that you indeed DID 'pull' one of the most powerful and gorgeous women on our planet and you yourself are a handsome and powerful force of NAAAATTTUURRREEEEE (granular sampling technique).

You should come with a warning:
A) "Do not look directly into light source"
B) "Do not look directly into Light Sauce"
C) "Warning, this is not a toy"

I'd go for A and C.


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