Friday, February 24, 2006

Today's rant

Ok, I hate them. Telecom are just plain old-fashioned wrought iron mongrels.

The thing is, we had a dial up account (I know! retro eh?!) with Xtra Telecom [mongrels] that we didn't need anymore. So we stopped using it. In May last year I started spotting 'pre-pay' amounts on our monthly phone bill for $5. I swiftly put a stop to that (I say swiftly, but I was on hold for 20 minutes). It seems that their default dial up account is one which if not used will incur a charge EACH month; a $5 fee until Jesus comes back or until you close your account - at which time they will refund your hard earned money. They will hold these funds ($67.50c per year!)and will continually charge you whilst investing the money in other evil multi national corporations, perhaps in order to be able to plan new and cunning ways to screw the good people of New Zealand.

Anyway, I hopped off their default to another one which is exactly the same in every way except that they won't charge you a pre pay amount. (asking why ANYONE might want to be on this account would be a good use of oxygen; asking why this account even exists would be even better). I was assured on this date that they (the afore mentioned mongrels) would not charge me anything on this account unless I dialed up and then would be post-charged for activity.

Happiness for a few months.

Today upon receiving the bill from the soulless overlords. I noted a monthly charge of $2.81 for 'email maintenance' They had been charging me this sneakily for 4 months!

Check your bill, query your bill, check the plan that you are on by default, but be prepared to wait for 5-20 minutes on hold. When on hold, I have found it calming to darn socks, create 70s style macrame plant hangers or make muffins.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

bug me not

You know sometimes you need to find out some info from a web site or download a free trial of something... You go though the process and then after you've filled out almost everything, stage 7 of the process includes entering you email address? Or worse than that, they try to make you set up an account for something that you just don't need an account for?!

no one wants to become the victim of spam just because they've downloaded Real Player, so this website is the answer!

Simply get a log in from bugmenot; snatch the booty and then head for the sunset.

I love it.

It works.

very cool.